Progressive International Recalls Canning Jar lifters

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International Recalls is important for everyone to keep an eye on, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical industries. This is because these products are used all over the world and although they are used for different reasons, the ingredients can be the source of contamination. If an international recalls has been issued for any reason, the company in question will let you know about it. However, the details are usually cryptic and difficult to understand.

It is important to remember that if a product has been recalled by the US FDA, the European Food Safety Authority will also list it for the same reasons. The lists can sometimes overlap and may not be a full list. In addition, some European countries list recalls that have been issued by the US as well. Because Europe does not require food manufacturers to list recalls, you will not find it in their recall database. It is best to check your food safety database before relying on US FDA data.

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