Alcoholic Whipped Cream: New Craze Could Harm Collegians

Alcoholic Whipped Cream: New Craze Could Harm Collegians

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First, college campuses were overtaken by the caffeinated alcoholic drink craze, which brought us such brews as the now-FDA-unapproved Joose and Four Loko.

But now, it’s not just energy drinks that are getting a boost from alcohol — alcoholic whipped cream is becoming more popular in schools such as the University of Central Florida, according to a report from the WBTV station in Florida.

But the stuff presents a potential health danger. The whipped cream, sold under the brand name Whipped Lightning, has 18 percent alcohol by volume, according to the manufacturer’s website, which can be up to three times more than some beers.

Students could mix it with other drinks — as in when they use it to top off their Jell-O shots — or otherwise mask its alcohol taste. This means they’re not aware of how drunk they’re getting, WBTV said.

The “Whipahol” comes in several flavors, including German chocolate, caramel pecan, amaretto, spiced vanilla and strawberry colada.

Liquor stores around the university say the whipped cream is flying off their shelves, according to WBTV.

The Florida State Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco said the alcoholic treat is sold and regulated just like any other alcoholic product, WBTV said.

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